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Friday, 29 July 2016

Unpublished Letter to New European on xenophobia among UK minorities and the Brexit vote

This is copy of my letter to the "New European" which for some reason did not get printed. I know its contents are contentious but it still deserves to see the light of day.
Dear Editor, Simon Woolley's article about Operation Black Vote, entitled "Xenophobic Genie is out of the Bottle" (July 22) missed the most signficant link between the Black Vote and Xenophobia, namely the large number of ethnic minority voters who opted to vote Leave, and not necessarily for altuistic reasons about sovereignty. Of course I don't have the statistics but anectodally so many voters that I canvassed before the referendum, but also before other elections as well, made it adequately clear that "immigration is too high" and that these "Poles and Romanians were taking our jobs". Whether Indian, Somali, Chinese voters, even Polish, it made no difference, they considered these new immigrants were a threat to them and to the Britain that they wanted to identify themselves with. So many Indian voters had been beguiled too by the argument that if there were fewer Eastern Europeans it would make it possible for a less restrictive regime on immigrants from the Indian Sub-Continent. Each time I heard this I shook my head in sorrow and thought of turkeys voting for Christmas. After the Brexit vote, the the racist genie was indeed out of the bottle, beginning with the graffiti at the Polish centre in Hammersmith, and the insulting comments towards black passengers on the Manchester bus, Every piece of graffiti in Hammersmith was not just an attack on Poles in the UK; it was an attack on all racial and religious minotities in this country. Racists may cherry pick from day to day in attacking in turn, Poles, or Indians, or Jamaicans, or Jews, but ultimately they fear and hate all of us who are not white and British. We minorities must stick tigether and resist submitting ourselves to the language and agenda of racism, as an attack on any one of us, is an attack on us all. Yours faithfully Wiktor Moszczynski

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