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Monday, 6 March 2017

EU citizens not bargaining chips

Letter to Editor of Evening Standard

Dear Sirs
You refer to the Prime Minister's "reasonable wish that British nationals should have the same protection in the EU" )2?03/17) as that which Sadiq Khan and the House of Lords want to offer EU citizens here. Unfortunately there is nothing "reasonable" about this wish if this is translated into plunging EU citizens in this country, including their mainly British-born children, into many years of a twilight existence as "bargaining chips" in future negotiations with the EU. By so doing she is exposing Brits in the EU to becoming "bargaining chips" too, precisely what she has been trying to avoid.
It looks as if it is the Home Office which is setting the agenda, regardless of their insensitivity to all things "foreign", and their current shameful treatment of EU citizens' supposedly automatic right to permanent residence, and it is making EU citizens here very very nervous. The government should swallow its pride, recognize the right to stay of all EU citizens currently here legally and leave local authorities with the one off task of registering them. It is want Brits abroad want too.
Yours faithfully
Wiktor Moszczynski
Published in Evening Standard 6th March 2017

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